Call for Papers

The post-deadline submission is now open (Please push the button below).

ONLY online submission is acceptable.

Deadline for post-deadline submission:
May 15, 2023 for normal Poster Presentation (by no later than 5PM Japan time)

Instruction for Abstract Preparation

Abstract Template (MS word)

  1. Abstracts should be written in proper English.
  2. Leave 2.0cm space for margins on both sides and on top, and 2.5cm margin on bottom.
  3. The title of the manuscript should be typed in bold face upper and lower case letters, and it should be centered.
  4. Leave one line space and then type author(s) name(s) in upper and lower case letters in centered position.
  5. Corresponding author should be marked with asterisk at the right-hand side up corner of the name. It is encouraged to write the e-mail address of the corresponding author as a footnote.
  6. Author(s)’ affiliation should be typed in the next line italic and in centered position.
  7. All mathematical symbols representing physical quantities should be typed in italic.
  8. Each section of the text of abstract must be numbered in sequence and typed in bold face (e.g. 1. Introduction).
  9. Text should be typed in 10.5 pt font size.
  10. References in the text should be cited with square brackets ([1], [2]). Two references in one bracket should be cited with a comma in between ([1, 2]), and more than two references should be cited with a hyphen in between ([1-3]).
  11. Figures and Tables should be numbered and placed in the text with captions, tyoed underneath, not at the end of the abstract.
  12. The first line of each paragraph should be indented by 4 characters.
  13. References should be at the end of the text with their serial numbers in square brackets as cited within the text.

Poster Preparation

  • Poster size: W 90 cm x H 120 cm