Welcome to the 19th International Symposium on Carotenoids that will be held at Toyama International Conference Center, Japan during 9 July (Sun) to 14 July (Fri), 2023. This symposium is open to the public and scientific communities in the world.

Nearly 13,000 scientific papers on Carotenoids have been published in recent 5 years, and the number is constantly increasing. This is an outstanding number of publications as we can readily understand how important Carotenoids are.

The International Symposium on Carotenoids was founded at Trondheim Norway in 1966 chaired by Prof. S. Liaaen-Jensen. This was then followed by 17 times at the attractive places of all over the world with every three years interval. Eighteen times gatherings of scientists for critical presentations and discussions have been contributed to the various fields of Carotenoid Science and Technology, such as organic and biological chemistry, physics, function and rolls, medical science, biology, food science, industrial application and so on for over half century. Because of the severe effect of COVID-19, we are needed to shift three years to hold this important symposium. However, we are very much pleased that we will be able to gather together again in summer 2023.

Recently, real inter-disciplinal studies and advanced technologies have successfully brought us to marked development and to achieve a number of novel findings in the above research fields. The symposium will address for focusing the aims in the fields of key and advanced science and technology with wide-area of collaborations.

The symposium will be back again to Japan after the very successful meeting at Okinawa in 2008. Toyama is a nice place in Japan with scenic beauty surrounded by steep mountains and ocean (Japan sea). The foods in Toyama are marvelous. I hope all of you will participate in the next Symposium for the purpose to enjoy both science and culture communication.

With warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. Hideki Hashimoto
Symposium Chair, ISC2023 in Toyama